Stéphanie Pochon

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Stéphanie Pochon

Partner, Forward Global

20 years of advocacy and comms campaigns in Brussels

Stéphanie is a veteran EU lobbyist and a specialist in strategic communications, coalition management and advocacy campaigns, both at EU and national levels. She has twenty years of experience supporting blue-chip companies, trade bodies and SMEs on internal market, agri-food, and sustainability issues.

In 20 years, she has witnessed the rise of the European Parliament as a power center and the European Union as a standard setter. She has been actively engaged with over 50 pieces of legislation – from inception to conclusion and numerous communications campaigns. The European decision-making process is no secret to her and she has gained the trust of EU decision-makers for her work on highly-politicised dossiers with game-changing impact on the industrial fabric of many sectors.

Stéphanie graduated from the prestigious European Master Programme of the College of Europe, Bruges after studying at Sciences-Po Strasbourg and Georgetown University, Washington DC. She was a lecturer in EU lobbying at Sciences-Po Paris (EU Affairs Master) for five years.

09:35 - 11:05

Przyszła WPR w kontekście akcesji Ukrainy – szanse i zagrożenia

Debata byłych Ministrów Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi, Europosłów.

16:50 - 17:50

Rola WPR w wyznaczaniu kierunków zrównoważonej transformacji uczestników łańcucha wartości wołowiny

Debata dotycząca możliwości i potrzeby wspierania transformacji producentów w ramach polityki rolnej.