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Luigi Pio Scordamaglia

CEO of Filiera Italia

CEO of Filiera Italia, the Italian Agrifood Federation that aggregates the main italian food companies with the excellence of the national agricultural production represented by Coldiretti and main Italian retail chains
Director of Markets, European Policies and International Affairs in Coldiretti. Coldiretti is the largest agricultural organization in Italy and Europe (with 1,6 milion members), rapresenting an important reference for farmers and consumers.
Board Member of INALCA S.p.A., a leader company in Europe in the meat sector and foodservice distribution.
President of Eat Europe, European agri-food Federation
CEO of Agry-energy (joint venture between ENI and Bonifiche Ferraresi);
President of ASSOCARNI (Italian Meat Industry Association);
Vice president of ASSAFRICA (organisation for the development of the Italian companies in Africa, in Mediterranean sea and Middle East);
Member of the Executive Board of CAI (Italian Agri-Consortium);
Member of the Executive Board of Cluster Agrifood, the Italian steering body among public institutions, universities and private companies for research in the agri-food sector;
Member of RABOBANK European Food & Agrobusiness Advisory Board.
Current Scientific assignements as member of the:
– Scientific Committee of the Observatory on Crime in Agriculture and Agri-food system;
– Nutrition Committee of the Ministry of Health;
– Scientific Committee of Fondazione Centro Studi Divulga.
He graduated in Veterinary Science at the University of Perugia where he completed his Ph.D. on
“Development, hygiene, wholesomeness and quality of animal products.
He acquired a further specialization in “The inspection of foods of animal origin”, University of Turin.
Post-graduate course in Corporate Finance and Management Control at the Faculty of Economy –
University of Modena.
Honorary awards
He was awarded with the Knighthood of the Order of Merit of Italian Republic.
Honorary academic of Academy of Italian Cuisine.

09:35 - 11:05

Przyszła WPR w kontekście akcesji Ukrainy – szanse i zagrożenia

Debata byłych Ministrów Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi, Europosłów.

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Rola WPR w wyznaczaniu kierunków zrównoważonej transformacji uczestników łańcucha wartości wołowiny

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